You Can Never Go Home Again

by A Better Hope Foundation

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You Can Never Go Home Again. Recorded in Sept. of 2010 @Bright Lights by Roger Camero. Released on 7'' vinyl by True and Through Records, Summer 2011.

ABHF is:
Wes Sisk - Guitar
Matt Lynch - Bass
Brett "The Threat" Hartmann - Drums
Shaun Sisco - Vocals
Michelle Kunze - Guitar


released October 23, 2010



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A Better Hope Foundation California

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Track Name: Below The Salt
Runaway, I am the son of intentions gone wrong, a destroyer
My eyes are just a funeral stare out the window
The city grows cold with the letters I wrote
And the blood that sits in my lungs will be our forgotten songs
With insecurity wrapped firmly around our necks
We swing into the depths and lose, our innocence
All over again, all over again
I’ll strike this chord, the wanderer’s sound, to fill the lonely nights and the chorus of empty good-byes
Your eyes a grave with neon designs, I read what’s etched one last time ‘just turn off the lights’
We keep on running
We keep on lying
We keep on running like empty horses with no place to go
And as the road, begins to disappear
The thought of the rooftop, brings me right back home
Where the sounds, of slamming doors
Become the haunts, of my reckless years
Below the salt, and below the dirt - where my thoughts will stay
My heart howls, its last fury - at dim lit moons
It’s an old song, where I don’t know - what I am still doing here.
Track Name: Dissonance
The record spins as empty words will resonate the city stroke of a lifeless pen, where truth is concealed in archaic prose, as these feelings are growing cold, time and time again in endless narrative. Until I rip out the page, and damn the ink that says, I will drown in all of them again. I found warmth under the last light of this town, yet the dissonance creates a distance from finding my way out. As I lie awake I see my hands begin to shake to hold the hope that I can make it one more night and not fall victim to the rhythms of this hell. So all I'll ask of you is you never, never turn off the light, but if all else fails I'll bury my soul in 3/4ths time. So all I'll ask of you is that you never, never turn off the light since I feel there is still something, something left inside of me. NO HOPE. NO HOPE. LIGHTS OUT.